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Recipes & Cooking Tips

Food is all about coming together and sharing with friends and family.  In that spirit, we at Moment in Thyme will share some of our favorite recipes, meal plans, and other tips here.  

In our kitchen, recipes are more of a guide than a set rule.  We rarely measure anything - going off of what Grandma used to do "sprinkle a bit of this until it looks right", "add a pinch of that".  Remember, good food takes "thyme" so enjoy the cooking process and let the moment decide your recipe's direction and final destination.

Lo Mein Inspired Pasta Salad


This lo main inspired pasta salad is loaded with delicious and healthy veggies tossed in a sweet and tangy sesame dressing.  It's incredible!

Breakfast Burritos

Cooking Tip

Breakfast burritos are an easy way to make your weekday morning much smoother!  Make a batch of these when you have some free time and put them in the freezer for a quick and healthy grab-n-go breakfast.  

Homemade Vinaigrettes


Forget the store-bought salad dressing.  A simple salad dressing is so easy to make at home - and you probably already have the ingredients in your fridge or pantry!  I have put together a few tips to make a great vinaigrette at home using a 3 step process: choose your oil, choose your vinegar, and choose your flavor boosters.  

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