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Tell us all about your Event!

Your Name*

Email Address*

Event Date*

Venue Location*

Name of Venue please. If it is at a private residence, please enter the full address.

Event Start Time*

When will you want the FOOD to start. This is the time we will have the food ready set up and ready for your guests!

Event End Time*

When will you want FOOD to end? This will be the time we start cleaning up. Please note: this is a fluid time - it changes as the event goes on. It's okay for this to be an ESTIMATE at this point.

Day of Timeline*

Please let us know the day's timeline. This can include when you arrive, ceremony time, guests arrival time, grand entrance, first dance, speeches, cake cutting, etc. The more information the better! It helps us to know where we fit into the overall day!

Day-of Point Person*

You will likely be very busy on event day. Is there anyone else you wish to appoint to make decisions on your behalf? Please let us know their name and phone number (in case we need to contact them on site). If you will not have a point person, please enter "N/A".

Final Guest Count*

How many people are you wanting to order food for? This may include your guests, photographers, DJs, venue staff, any extras you wish to order for (just in case), etc. Sometimes those support people at your event require you to provide food for them in your contract.

Dietary Restrictions/Special Instructions*

Do you have any guests that require special dietary restrictions? If so, please let us know as much information as you can! If you have no known dietary restrictions, please enter "N/A".

Will your Bridal Party be on a Party Bus?*

Please let us know the details about the party bus. i.e. will it be after the ceremony? For how long? Where will you be going? If you won't have a party bus, please enter "N/A".

If you have a party bus, are we to wait to start dinner until you get back?*

In our experience, 9 times out of 10 party buses are late getting back to the venue. This pushes back the timeline (especially if dinner is the next item on the agenda).

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